Welcome To Skip's Home Page

It was my hope that this site would help to provide access to materials that could be used by Scouts and Scouters alike. There is a small but expanding collection of information for people looking to plan and run Scouts Own services or camp fires. Since these are 2 requirements for our youth at the Scout level I felt that a quick reference page might serve them as well.

I have tried as much as possible to cite references as they are known to me. If I have inadvertently used copyrighted material, please forgive me and notify me. I’ll apologize and have it removed immediately.

If you have favourites that are not here that you would like to contribute, please send them to me in electronic format and I will be glad to increase the pool of resources.

If you have Camporees that you want advertised let me know. I will gladly add links to your sites and place the info on mine. The more we share, the better all of our programs become.

Future plans for the site include skits and Scouters 5’s sections as well as misc material that would be of use to Scouters.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing the Game of Scouting for over 40 years as a youth and leader. Many fine people have shared material with me over the years and I figured it was time to share what I had. Here it is and I hope it helps you a bit.

Yours in Scouting Brotherhood

Steve “Skip” Locke

TS – 5th Sarnia